Therese Marais

Therese Marais

"I'll be Happy When!?"

Workshop: I’ll be Happy When….!?

Speaker: Therese Marais

Why do you think we cannot find peace and contentment in today’s world?

• What would it feel like if you could live life unconditionally and be happy?

• If you are open to a new Paradigm shift that gives you answers into who you are, then come spend 30 minutes with us.

Therése Marais is a Transformative Health Coach and helps people wake up to their mental and physical health. I’ve been in the industry for 15 years, and love seeing people transform from thinking they are a caterpillar into realising they are a butterfly.

I’m currently living in Hertford, England and grew up on a beautiful farm in South Africa. I started with the body work (Body Stress Release) and soon realised it was not just people’s bodies that kept them back, but also their minds. I went down the route of Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP and Life Coaching.

I’m very grateful for the journey that all of these therapies led me on as it brought me to my own Paradigm shift especially after I stumbled upon The 3 Principles, discovered by Sydney Banks. Due to this understanding, my life is so much richer, lighter, peaceful and I have a sense of excitement for every day.

Location: The River Room
Length: 30 mins

All Talks and Workshops are FREE on the day – There is no pre booking required, but seating is limited so please arrive in good time at the location to get your seat!