Melanie Pitman

Melanie Pitman

Meditation Workshop

Workshop: Meditation and Crystal Bowls

Workshop Leader: Melanie Pitman

Reiki/Master Teacher, Meditation and Self-Empowerment Coach.

Please bring your own Yoga/Meditation mat to this workshop.

I facilitate many different courses and workshops with an emphasis on kindness, compassion and self-development. For the last 6 years I have been running Meditation day and residential retreats in the UK and abroad, Meditation in London offices, Meditation in schools, Mindfulness children’s day camps and regular evening classes.

A meditation practice holds numerous benefits for the body, mind and emotions. We will be exploring varied forms of meditation to encourage a peaceful mind. Working also with the powerful healing vibrations of sound (Quartz Crystal singing bowls). Sharing tips and tools to help you get the best from your practice and how to move forward with meditation in your own daily lives. The meditations will be interesting and accessible even if this is your first experience. I look forward to seeing you there.

Time: 3.30pm
Location: The Studio
Length: 60 mins

All Talks and Workshops are FREE on the day – There is no pre booking required, but seating is limited so please arrive in good time at the location to get your seat!