Isabelle Nunn

Brain and Gut Health

Talk Topic: The link between Brain and Gut Health

Speaker: Isabelle Nunn MPHARM (Hons) DIP NT

Trillions of bacteria that inhabit the body are collectively known as our ‘microbiome’. It is developed from birth, and evolves based on our lifestyle choices and our environment. Our microbiome has shown that its influence extends far beyond our gut, all the way to the brain. Neuroscientists now call this a ‘paradigm shift’. Looking at the link between brain and gut health and how we can support our emotional wellbeing will be the aim of this talk.

Isabelle Nunn is a registered pharmacist and nutritional therapist passionate about health, science and food. With a unique appreciation of allopathic medicine, complementary and alternative remedies and many disease states, Isabelle is an advocate of educating individuals to feel empowered with the right tools to better understand their health and using a more natural approach to support their overall wellbeing- body and mind!

Time: 3.30 pm
Location: River Room
Length: 30 mins

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