Babi Chana

Healthy Oils Talk

Talk: Time for an Oil Change

Speaker: Babi Chana BSc (Hons) BSc NutMed.BANT.CHNC.

Babi has over 25 years’ experience in retail community pharmacy and natural healthcare, as a lecturer, journalist, broadcaster, campaigner and practitioner. She has a special interest in the importance of fish-oils, especially for early brain development and their significance in optimising health from head-to-toe and cradle to grave.

The ‘Full Fat Story” highlights the good, bad and ugly fats in our diet. Babi demonstrates the different types of fats we put on our plates and follows each type on its journey through the body once it enters your mouth. A revelation in clarifying all the confusion with the goal to help you make wiser choices in the foods you eat.

Location: The River Room
Length: 30 mins

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