Aila Baron

Aila Baron

Homeopath Talk

Talk: An Introduction to Homeopathy

Speaker: Aila Baron

Homeopathy is a totally unique natural therapy. We homeopaths give our patients homeopathic remedies/medicine. These remedies are not like your GP’s prescription medicines, nor are they herbs. They are something totally different. Homeopathic remedies address your unique, personal energy and restore balance. Your complaint,either physical or emotional will gently and naturally be helped by Homeopathy.

My name is Aila Baron. I have been practising Homeopathy for twenty years. Homeopathy continues to inspire me; there is always something new to learn. I have been part of the dynamic Natural Health team of therapists since the birth of the clinic 20 years ago.

Time: 11.45pm
Location: The Studio
Length: 30 mins

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